I have way too many pictures for this post. Not saying it’s a bad thing, it’s just so hard figuring out which ones to put in a post! So those who know me, know I’m probably the most indecisive person ever and know that I couldn’t possibly just pick a limited amount of pictures… So expect another blog post with the rest of the pictures. 😉
We stayed in Asheville the last night of the road trip, which is conveniently right by the Biltmore. We decided to head over to the Biltmore but first, we had to get some food.(of course, I’m such a foodie. And so is Kyle so it works out really well. 😉 ) I was told that Asheville has AMAZING local restaurants around. I was determined to eat at one of them. I’m the kind of person who loves local food. I don’t understand why people go to chain restaurants at new places, as you can eat at them whenever you want. I wanted something different and new! We stopped at one place and it was so cute and so crowded. I asked about the wait and it was about 2 hours. Props to the restaurant and the people who wanted to wait that long. (But I sure don’t have time for that!) and that was just for breakfast!! We decided to head over to the Moose Café in Asheville. Luckily, the wait was only 15 minutes. I read reviews about the place and some said it was the best southern food around. Oh and it was! And I tried apple butter for the first time; it was so freaking good. I can’t believe I’ve been that long without it! I could probably eat at that place every day for a month and not get tired of it. It was sooo good! Not only was the food good, I think we got the best seat in the house. It had the view of mountains all around the building. So worth it! (I can seriously go on and on about food, lol)
Anyways, we ended up going to The Biltmore afterwards. I’ve seen the house in tv shows, heard ghost stories about it, and pictures on the internet but I’ve never had the privilege to go see it in person. Pictures definitely don’t do that house justice. It was breathtaking. We ended up taking a tour of the house and thank god for signs because I would’ve been so lost in the house if not. Seriously. I did take pictures of the inside of the house but again, it just didn’t the house justice! You must see it for your own eyes. I’m sure it was absolutely magical being a Vanderbilt! I was thinking of how life would be if someone lived in it now. Probably pretty freaky. I wouldn’t want to be in the house alone at night. For one, I would get lost, and two, I watch too many horror movies. I freaked myself out just walking around long hallways!! Does anyone have a mad obsession with scary movies? I do!!
Stay tuned for my next post with the last of the pictures from my roadtrip. I’ve been so extremely busy with school and work, there’s not enough time in the day!! Thanks so much for reading! Let me know if you’ve ever been to the Biltmore or any other amazing estate or plantation! Xox

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Ha ha ha, cheesy title. But, the next stop on our road trip was Knoxville, Tennessee!!  We started the day, driving from 2pm (I think) until 9:30pm. Traveling that far was through the mountains, traffic, and stopping for dinner. Shout out to McDonald’s for being at literally every. single. exit. That night, we stayed in Knoxville, TN. Let me tell you, those sunsets didn’t disappoint. The sky was absolutely beautiful. My family and I do this weird thing, where when we go over state lines, we hold our breath. (really, I don’t know why, I was just told and I’ve done it ever since. Does your family do any thing like that?) Well, in order to get a picture of the Tennessee sign, I missed holding my breath. Man, I was so mad! First time into a new state and I didn’t hold my breath.  Yes, I’ve lived next to TN all of my life, yet I’ve never been. Crazy, right? My family just goes East rather than West. It was really nice for a change.

The next day, we left Knoxville and headed to Nashville. You always hear about Nashville, country music hometown, the place where all musicians dreams come true. Well, I’ve never been; and as this is a road trip with no set destination, Nashville, Tennessee was the next stop to go. Four hours later, we get to Nashville.  It was such a beautiful day to visit. It took us no time to find parking and we just walked around the area. It was so funny because people are riding around on trolley looking things and peddling and listening to music. It was so fun to watch. The atmosphere is really enjoyable, it makes you want to stay there for such a long time.After about an hour of walking around, looking at shops, and occasionally listening to drunk people sing Shania Twain, we left again. I do wish we stayed longer but this trip was on a time limit, we had to be back home on Sunday evening to get ready for school and work the next day.

So after driving those four hours to get from Knoxville to Nashville, we headed back to Asheville, NC. Kyle and I were definitely travelers this past weekend. And like I said in my previous blog, I didn’t mind it one bit. Besides, he thankfully didn’t leave me on the side of the road somewhere, ha! kidding. (whenever I get excited or nervous, I talk way too much. And let me tell you, I was soo excited on this trip.) It was kinda crazy how we drove that long to see Nashville, yet, it was perfect! We thought about staying in Nashville, but we really didn’t want to make that seven hour trip back home. I will definitely be going back to Nashville, as the atmosphere was just freaking awesome! But after driving back into NC, we ended up in Asheville! We only had to pull over on the side of the road, ONCE! Which surprised me because I expected something to go wrong at least twice. (ha) It wasn’t about the places we went or how long we stayed, we had such a blast just driving! Thanks so much for reading, check out my next post for what we did the next day. Have a great rest of the week and thanks for tagging along with me! Let me know what your favorite place to travel is!!

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Hi guys! Long time, no post!! I’ve been so busy with school starting, working, and traveling! ‘Adulting’ is hard.  As told in my last post, here, I mentioned at the end that I was going on a road trip. It was so cool just traveling without a destination.  As most of you may know, 99.9% of the time, I have the travel bug. I just want to travel all over. I grew up traveling, from Mexico, to the Grand Canyon. As amazing as it was, I don’t remember those places because I was pretty young. Thankfully we have those old VCR tapes documenting my childhood but seeing in on TV is definitely not the same as seeing it with your own eyes.

I’ve always tried to be spontaneous but spontaneity tends to stress me out. I woke up Friday in my own bed and didn’t know where I was going to go to sleep that night. That kind of stuff just causes me to freak. (I was prepared to sleep in my car but I assumed it would be sooo creepy sleeping in a parking lot. Besides, my windows have absolutely NO tint on them so you’ll be able to see right in… Not exactly a peaceful night’s rest, I’d say. first world problems. lol)   Needless to say, I loved it anyways. I loved not knowing of where to go. Such adrenaline in the weirdest way!

Anyways! Kyle and I (my photographer 😉 ) flipped a coin to see what direction we were going in. Either West or South. West it was! I haven’t been to the mountains in such a long time. (When I see mountains, I get chill bumps, am I the only one? ha.) We were headed on I-40 to the mountains.  The driving really wasn’t bad at all. My butt hurt from sitting so long but it was such a blast. If you are roadtrip with someone you enjoy spending your time with, the time seriously flies. When we saw something we were interested in seeing, we stopped! It was so cool! I realized that there was absolutely no reason to stress! We ended up stopping at Blue Ridge Parkway since I’ve never been but honestly, I was slightly disappointed. 🙁  I guess in the area we were in, the views were not as beautiful as I heard they would be. It was pretty but I imagined that you would be able to stand out on ledges. Again, it was probably just the area we were in.  Some of the pictures turned out sooo bad because we were in the car and the reflection of the car was in the photos, oops. I also tried to get pictures of every county we drove through, but they came so fast, the camera wasn’t on, but I really did try. In case you forgot what mountains look like, you can see them above, ha. I’m not in most pictures because sometimes, you just have to enjoy the scenery! When I was like, 14 – 15, I went to Europe and only took pictures that I was in because I wanted to make the pic worth looking at. HAHA! Wasn’t I was freaking conceited. lol, looking back I laugh really hard and I regret it because I didn’t have many landscape photos. It was just an awkward brace faced teen with bad style in front of iconic markings. Luckily, i’ve grown up a bit from then and learned that being behind the camera is just as lovely as standing in front of it. Stay tuned to my next post to see where we went after the mountains! Thanks so much for reading!! XOX