I was in Paris for a week! This post is a little late going up because I messed up and lost like 90 pictures and I was pretty upset about it so I walked away from the computer and pictures for like a week before going back to editing. Turns out…my pictures were all there, I’m not sure why I thought that they were gone. Oops, blonde moment. These pictures are from the next day after we got a good night’s rest. Sleeping on a plane is impossible and not comfortable whatsoever! I even took some natural sleeping medicine and it did not help me sleep at all, which sucked because the plane arrived in Paris at 7:30 am. So, we had to stay awake! Anyways, I stayed up partying all day haha. We ate at super cute cafe’s, walked around the hotel (while it was super rainy, might I add) then went to the cute store and found with wine aisle hehe! My days are intertwined together because I don’t even know which day we went to see the Notre Dame Cathedral! I think the second.. anwyays! I love the Notre Dame so much! It’s incredible, I recommend 10000% if you ever find yourself in Paris. I was lucky enough to see it’s beauty twice in my life. There’s a circle in front of the Notre Dame Cathedral called Point Zero, which is a marker showing the geographic center of Paris. It’s also a place where you can make wishes and toss coins onto it. The only way I knew about it is because I read it in one of my favorite books and when I went to Paris the first time, I had to find it. I had to go back to it and make another wish. It’s really grants your wishes too… I went back to Paris, didn’t I? 😉

I hope you have a great weekend and thanks for reading! More posts coming yay!

Let me first start off this post by saying, I have no idea why I decided to post this in the first place. I’m the worst. packer. ever! I procrastinate so hard and end up sitting in my closet playing with things I forgot about. It’s a bad habit but I really hate packing and never feel like I have everything I need. Nevertheless, I have a few tips & tricks that will help with traveling! (I was going to make a video about this but seeing myself talk on camera makes me cringe so a blog post it is.)

Hack 1 : CHECK THE WEATHER & get an idea of what the climate is going to be when you get there. It’s an obvious one but I cannot tell you how many times I’ve gone somewhere thinking it was going to be super hot so I brought cute jumpers and lightweight dresses. It rained the entire time… Oh yeah, and I wore jeans in the middle of summer in Louisiana. I was dying… just check the weather.

Hack 2 : ROLL UP YOUR CLOTHES. This is such an obvious tip but it really does save you space in your suitcase; and enables you to bring more stuff 😉

Hack 3 : STRAWS & NECKLACES. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve thrown necklaces into a bag and it was a tangled mess when I tried to wear them. This is another known hack but put the necklace through a straw hole and it will save you time on untangling necklaces.

Hack 4 : PLAN WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO WEAR. Ok so this is still a hard one for me. I get an idea of what I’m going to wear and then bring 5 more shirts for …. options. (you’ve all made this excuse when packing. “I’ll just bring this shirt for some options” Then that shirt turns into another shirt, and then it turns into another outfit and now… you’ve just messed up! trust me, I do it all of the time.) YOU DON’T NEED OPTIONS! Options make it so much harder to pick what you’re going to wear. What I find to be the most helpful tip is to lay out your outfit and get an idea of what it will look like. That way you don’t have to take everything out of your bag, try it on, and keep trying on clothes until you find what you want to wear.

Hack 5 : KEEP SHOES CLEAN. my mom calls me ghetto but using a shower cap over shoe soles will help your clothes stay clean. Especially if you can’t wash your shoes or get them wet. Or use a plastic bag but shower caps seem more “DIY” ish lol

Hack 6 : KEEP CLOTHES SMELLING FRESH. Put dryer sheets in your bag (and shoes) to freshen them up.

Hack 7 : SHOES = SPACE. If you’re bringing boots, put your socks in your shoes to use all space in your bag.

Hack 8 : LIQUIDS IN CARRY ON. Make sure you know how many ounces of liquid you can bring on a carry on. The airline website will tell you how many ounces you can bring. I totally forgot about this rule and I usually throw everything in my bag whenever I go home (told you, i’m so bad at this whole packing thing…) and threw all of my hair products in my carry on and they threw it away!!! I just forgot about that rule so now I ALWAYS have to check how many ounces I can bring!

Hack 9 : WRAP IT. Again, when flying, due to the high altitudes, some liquids may explode. To make sure it doesn’t spill all over your clothes, unscrew the top of the bottle. Cut a square in saran wrap and place the saran wrap over the bottle. Put the cap back on the bottle and this way nothing will spill. If you want to be even more safe, put all liquids in a ziplock bag as well.

Hack 10 : BRING A PORTABLE CHARGER. My phone never survives a full plane ride so just bring a portable charger to ensure that your phone will be charged and ready for pictures. (plus they’re super cheap)

Hack 11 : DOWNLOAD MOVIES ON NETFLIX. Netflix has this new thing out (it may be old but I just found it out) that you can download Netflix movies and watch them while not using data! So you can be set to watch it on the plane or in the car!

Hack 12 : UTILIZE SUN GLASS CASES. Put cords like headphones, cell phone chargers, and portable chargers in a sun glass case so it won’t be super tangled and it’s convenient for you to get.

Hack 13 : PURSE IN BOOKBAG. This is more for people who are flying but I always bring a bookbag and stuff a purse inside of it. I may not want to carry a backpack around everywhere, especially a place with a lot of pickpockets, so having a purse inside your bag is super helpful. That was you can have one carry on item but two bags!

Hack 14 : GO INCOGNITO. When booking flights, open your computer tab and click “New Incognito Tab.” This allows you to be “secret” when searching flights that way when looking at airline websites, they don’t up the charge. Does that make sense?! (I’ve never tried this personally but I have friends who have and they said it worked)

Hack 15 : ADJUST YOUR SLEEPING SCHEDULE. This is for people who are going into different time zones. Say your destination is 6 hours ahead of you. It’s 3 your time and it’s 8 their time. If you wake up at 3 your time, you will be prepared to wake up early there time and adjust better. (although, I’m still testing this hack out. I’ll let you know how it goes.)

If you have any hacks I should know about, please let me know!! Have a safe trip and happy travels 🙂



Hey everyone!! Long time no talk, right?! I’ve been so extremely busy with having a new job and tackling school for 6 days a week, when Sunday rolls around, all I ever want to do is sleep. Which means… let’s be real… I want to lay in my pajamas all day and be lazy. But I never forgot about my blog! I’m always coming up with new ideas. My notes are loaded with ideas in the near future; which leads me into saying this…

I’m so excited to announce that me and two other fashion bloggers (Allison’s blog HERE & Savannah’s blog HERE) teamed up to create a giveaway for one lucky reader!!! To enter, you must have an instagram account & insure your account is public to qualify in the giveaway. And the giveaway is live right now!  Here are the rules…

To participate:
1. Follow me on instagram, HERE!
2. Go like my instagram picture announcing the giveaway.
3. Go to Allison’s instagram account HERE & Savannah’s instagram account HERE and repeat the steps on every account until you arrive back here. Don’t worry it’s only 3 accounts!

4. For an extra entry follow each accounts blog (which will be linked in our instagram bio)

Giveaway ends March 10th at 6 pm. Winner will be announced on a comment on the giveaway pic on all accounts within 48 hours of giveaway being closed!
Includes products:

  • Living Proof – perfect hair day styling treatment
  • Sexy Hair – Volume On the Go Kit (which includes a shampoo, conditioner, and hairspray)
  • Boho Betty USA Bracelet & Daily Gratitude’s Journal
  • KNC Beauty – All natural collagen infused lip mask
  • LAQA & Co. – Avo Lip Butter Nova color
  • Hask – Healthy hair conditioner sample
  • OGX – Coconut curls shampoo sample

It’s pretty simple & there’s no reposting. (I never enter giveaways that I have to repost due to messing up the look of my instagram lol!)! We’re giving away over a $110 value & all three of us bought the products that we LOVE! We decided to get products that reflect our blogs a little bit. We each incorporated our blogs into this giveaway … if that makes sense; as I’m into hair, Savannah’s totally a fashion queen, and Allison is the beauty & lifestyle blogger! If anyone is unsure about the products, feel free to ask anyone of us! I think meeting people is the best thing about the blogging world. Everyone always told me, don’t talk to people on the internet, but I didn’t listen and have sparked new friendships around the world. These girls are seriously the sweetest and if you love reading blogs like I do, I totally recommend heading over to their blogs! If this giveaway goes well, we have some ideas for the next giveaway we will do! It was so much fun figuring out what products to get for you guys. I cannot wait until we announce the winner. Talk soon!

*Follow ALL accounts and insure your account is public to qualify! 

 *This contest is in no way sponsored, administered or associated with Instagram, INC., LAQA & Co., Sexy Hair, Boho Betty USA, Target, Living Proof, KNC Beauty, OGX & Hask.