Young emily

*super bad quality iphone 4 photo & super young me! I was 15 I think in this pic. This was in Madrid, Spain.*

madonna inn

As tacky as this place looks, I seriously think it’s the cutest thing ever. Madonna Inn is the cutest!

Buenos Aires Buren-colonnes-renovees-Palais-Royal-1 positano shipwreck beach

*One day when I visit these places, and not just talk about it, I will post pictures for sure! But until then … *

For those who don’t know me, I am obsessed with traveling, the world, new places, and new cultures. For those who do know me, you probably knew this already.  Traveling has always been a dream of mine.  Being able to explore the world and the unknown is fascinating to me.  Seeing the pictures on a computer screen just does not give the places justice.   Ever since I was younger, I was dancing in Mexico and looking down at the Grand Canyon. However, I don’t remember those places as much as I would have like. (guess that means I just have to go back. 😉 )  As my knowledge grew about the world, so did my list of places I want to visit. I feel like us (us as in people who dream of traveling) must stick together! Here’s a list I’ve compiled of where I want to go. Not in any particular order.

  1. Stay at the Madonna Inn. (In California)
  2. Visit shipwreck beach (In Zakynthos)
  3. Visit Santorini (In Greece)
  4. Visit Buenos Aires (In Argentina)
  5. Visit Banff (In Canada)
  6. Swim in the blue waters of Bora Bora
  7. Visit Annecy (In France)
  8. Visit Colonnes De Buren (In Paris)
  9. Visit San Francisco
  10. Visit Positano (In Italy)

Does anyone else get in those moods where they just really want to visit somewhere new?! I feel this way often.  My bedroom at home is even travel based as I have a wall of photo’s I’ve taken everywhere I’ve traveled too. I don’t even mind this little obsession of mine.  People ask why I want to travel all of the time. In a way, it’s hard to answer this question. I always wonder, “who doesn’t want to travel all of the time.” I know it is not preferred to some, as home is where the heart is; which I 100% understand that. But, from personal experience, traveling to Europe and even Louisiana, I have found a new love for that specific place.  You learn about new cultures, new foods, new people, new languages, and new environments. You learn to appreciate the things in life.  Get ready for the cheesy quote, life wasn’t meant to be spent in one place. So travel! Get to know your world!  So tell me, what is on your traveling list?! I would love to know! Thanks for reading!

DSC_0299 UpdatedDSC_0577 Update DSC_0558 UpdateDSC_0372 Update DSC_0524 UpdateUpdateDSC_0411 Update DSC_0534 Update

*i’m so in love with this picture*

DSC_0575 Update

This past weekend, I went to the beach for a day trip to take some photos of my roommate and her boyfriend.  I was so excited to use my camera again!  When I was searching for photo inspiration (for the couple) I saw a picture of friends holding a pineapple on the beach and it was soooo cute. So, I got one.  Needless to say, I was getting made fun of by literally everyone on the beach for taking pictures with a fruit haha.  At that point, I decided to make the pineapple the subject and managed to get some ‘artsy’ shots of it. Yes, even strangers at the beach were talking to me about it. It was embarrassing but I didn’t mind! (for those who want to take pictures with fruit, girl, you do that!!! It’s actually really funny!)  We all went to Topsail Island in NC.  I was so not prepared for the water to be THAT blue. When I walked over the dock to get to the beach, I was blown away. It reminded me of paradise!  It was such a beautiful day along with a great weekend with friends! I hope everyone’s mother’s day was awesome! Let me know what you did for mother’s day! I took my mommy out to eat and surprised her with a potted plant! Mom’s deserve every bit of love. Have a great week and thanks for reading!!