Boho Betty Bracelets

Boho BettyBoho BettyBoho BettyBoho BettyBoho BettyBoho BettyBoho BettyBoho BettyBoho Betty

LONG SLEEVE SHIRT: JCrew  //  BLACK VEST:  Similar Here  //  BLACK PANTS: JCrew  // SHOES:  Adidas //  BRACELETS: Boho-Betty (wearing this one and this one) //  WATCH:Fossil

When I was about 14 years old I wanted to open my first Etsy shop selling bracelets. (I’ve always been adventurous and wanted to open multiple businesses growing up, including running a nail salon from my backyard…) As I never opened my “shop” and sold any bracelets, I gave some to friends and family. They really enjoyed making them but as I got older and busier I got, the harder it was to keep making bracelets. So, I ditched the idea of selling bracelets online and enjoyed the bracelets I made. I still wear those bracelets too! I was that kid that wore about 10 bracelets a day (yeah, I have many embarrassing pictures to prove it) and I LOVED them. Well, the older I got, the more I realized how it’s pretty difficult to function with that many bracelets on and wore 2 or 3. Now what I normally wear is a few bracelets and a watch. I was really excited when I found Boho-Betty and they sold the bracelets similar to what I use to make! (as fun as it was making them, oh my goodness it is so much easier having them sent to your door already made. 😉 ) and they are so. stinking. cute!!!

Boho-Betty is offering Carefree Blonde readers 20% off their purchase when you use code CAREFREEBLONDEWhich is pretty awesome because their bracelets really are the best, once you try them you really can’t go back to wearing anything else! I think bracelets are a great Christmas gift to friends/family, especially if you’re at a loss of what to get someone! And super great stocking stuffer because they’re small enough where you can fill it up more 😉 ! I wore my bracelets all around New York and I got so many compliments on them! Too bad it just got super cold at night that I had to cover my hands (does anyone else cover their hands with their long sleeve shirts when their cold?!) walking around because I forgot to bring a jacket… so unfortunately you couldn’t see the bracelets anymore. I literally wear them all of the time. The great thing is that they have so many categories to shop from. So if you have more of an edgy style, they have a certain bracelet for you and vise versa!

Below I’ll list a few of my favorites! Happy Shopping! Let me know your favorites!


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  1. Lori
    December 1, 2016 / 12:24 pm

    I love all of their bracelets.

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