Braids & Stripes

 DRESS: Similar Here  / SHOES: Converse /  BAG: Coach 

I’ve always been obsessed with stripes.  To the point where I would have 10 striped shirts. Whenever my mom and I would go shopping, I’d pick up a striped shirt and she’d say “don’t you have that shirt already?!” My response was always, “it’s different, I swear!” Now, the shirts were different but still stripes. Like I said, I’m obsessed. I found this dress two years ago and forgot about it in my closet. I decided to go super casual because it was super hot and I was gonna ride in a car for 5 hours. Since it was hot, I did not want hair all in my face, so I decided to go out in public with pig tail braids. No  going to lie, I wear these braids around the house all of the time. But I’ve never been out in public with them because I always felt like a little kid with them. I use to wear my hair in braids all of the time when I was younger. So now that the style is back, I’m in different about the way I look with them in. But anyways, I am happy that I decided to do this because my hair wasn’t wrapped around my neck and it didn’t look … too … bad. 😉 I mean I had the frizz but there was no helping that.  But now, these braids are starting to grow on me. I’m always looking for new braids to try out because I’m obsessed with them. If I don’t know how to do my hair, it’ll most likely be in a braid or bun. If you know of any braids that I should try, link them in the comment section below so I can recreate the looks. I’m always eager to learn these things!!!

That’s all for today, I’ll be relaxing on my day off!! Woooooh! I hope everyone has a no labor, Labor Day! . Let me know if you did anything fun this weekend and what clothing style is your go – to like stripes or polka dots or something, I’d love to know! Thanks for reading! Xox


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  1. Grandmother
    September 5, 2016 / 8:47 pm

    You look beautiful in everything.
    Love you grandmother

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