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carefree blondecarefree blondeokay, so this whole social media world is a pretty scary place.  I’ve seen some things that elementary school girls do to each other and it makes me sad.  It makes me sad that there is so many flaw finding and nit picking people in the world/and on the internet.  When I first started blogging, I was worried as what others had said about my decision to be in the blogging world.  I was nervous for the publishing of my blog and kept it a secret for a while. For those who knew me, knew I always wanted to do it. So, I had to face the fears of people talking about my blog. (and I’m so happy I did) 99.9% of what I’ve seen from my blog are positive, (besides the fact that I still haven’t created a post schedule. sorry….) the sweet comments never fail to make my day.  I am so happy that you are confident with yourselves and don’t feel the need to nit pick flaws. If I could go back in time, I would take back the judgmental comments that I have made in junior high or high school. (everybody judges, it’s inevitable. But from personal experience, it’s hurtful to point flaws to people that the person can’t help; regardless of if was directed to someone else or to you.) Friendships are much better and stronger when you build each other up and are happy for one another’s success, regardless of what it is instead of finding enjoyment in other’s drawbacks.  This past year I have learned a lot about friendships and relationships.  My philosophy is, surround yourself with lovely people who bring positivity in your life and just do you!  Okay but really, my train of thought is all over the place in my post, I swear lol. I just love meeting confident and inspiring women!

I found Be.Belle and it’s such a good site for women to get together and be kind.  Be.Belle asked me questions and I would like to share a few of them with y’all!

Be. Belle  —  Best advice you’d give women to feel confident in their own skin?
Me  —   The best advice I can give to women to feel confident is to just do you. If you want to wear a full face of heavy makeup, girl do it! Make those cheeks look contoured and those lashes reach your eyebrows. If you want to wear no makeup, rock that beautiful skin!  Also, take care of your skin!!! Wear sunscreen and moisturize. Having beautiful skin, for me at least, is easily one of the best ways to feel confident and beautiful.  Be kind. Have a good soul. You can’t expect to feel confident (and have others believe you are confident) if you’re nasty and rude. As for personal experience goes, I was told I look better without makeup on. As it was such a sweet compliment, I didn’t feel beautiful without makeup on. (Having blonde hair means having blonde eyelashes. And that means my eyelashes look invisible. And my eyes are like the size of dimes so… Mascara is a must for me.) I wear makeup to enhance beauty. Confidence shines through and is obvious to others. Make a mark on someone’s day. Inspire them to be confident as well.

Be.Belle  —  What makes you most happy?
Me  —  What makes me most happy…. hmmm. I’m still trying to find out what is the top thing that makes me happy! But dancing makes me happy. Especially to 90’s music. Cruising around in a car makes me happy. Seeing people I haven’t seen in a long time makes me happy. Eating makes me really happy Haha. Traveling is pretty high on my list of things that make me happy. But all in all, a lot of things make me happy, I can’t choose just one.

Be.Belle  —  Where are the top 3 places you’ve traveled and best advice for women traveling?

Top three places I’ve traveled would have to be…. omg this is so hard to choose. Probably Provence in France, New York City, annnnnd… Madrid, Spain. To the women traveling, pack light. I decided to take, what seemed like, my entire closet! It made walking around so hard. Plus with more space in your suitcase, more stuff to bring back. haha. I would probably recommend traveling with just a carry-on though and skip buying shampoo and other liquids before the trip. I promise wherever you go, they’ll have that stuff for you. It’s just wasted space.

Head over to Be.Belle and read the rest of the Q&A!! Thank you so much to whoever actually finished reading this entirely too long blog post  — it was just on my mind for a bit! I’m glad I have my support group and great friends along with me. Y’all seriously ROCK!  As you read this, I’ll be on a roadtrip/camping! Eep! I’ve backed my bag and headed … somewhere… I’m not sure exactly where I’m headed … Stay tuned to see where I’m off too! Thanks again for reading! XOX

Thank you Be.Belle for allowing me to answer your questions!  & sorry for the extremely sappy post, it's unusual for that kind of post but I just wanted to get my thoughts out -- next post will be back to normal lol


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    August 12, 2016 / 11:50 am

    You are amazing.

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