Giveaway Winner…

Carefree Blonde


You won the giveaway to Pink Blush!

Okay so listen, for those who follow my Instagram know in my Insta story (is that a thing? Snapchat wanna be, Instagram story) knows I was so extremely nervous picking a winner.  I had really bad anxiety because I wanted everyone to win.  I hate that kind of pressure on me…

I ended up using a generator online and the name was picked.  I was going to write everyone’s name down and place it in a hat but that would’ve been over 100 names to write… and nobody got time for that. (lol, I need to stop.) Plugging it in the computer was the easiest way. Giveaways are so much fun, I love them so much that I will be doing another giveaway really really soon. (promise.)

Thank you so much to everyone who entered, I wish I could’ve given you all $75 to Pink Blush! Congrats Caity on winning and your baby girl!

xox emily



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