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“Wanderluster” here (is that even a word?! no. probably not.)

wan·der·lust  –  ˈwändərˌləst  –  noun  – 1. a strong desire to travel.

I’m calling out to all travelers here. WHY IS TRAVELING SO EXPENSIVE?!

I’m trying to figure out how to travel when you’re young and broke…..efficiently and cheaply!!

It’s just so hard to do so when working!  I’ve always had the knack for traveling. The bug bit me reaaaally bad. ha! But I’ve never been the kind of person to want to stay in one spot.  The walls get boring and I just want to explore the world. (Easier said than done, that’s for sure.)  I’ve always wanted to backpack around Europe but somebody, *cough cough* my grandmother, told me that my makeup bag is waaaay to big to be traveling with it around. Probably true but still, always wanted to do so.

So, now I am calling out to all of you… If you travel, how do you ensure yourself that you hit the bargain?! I see some bloggers and youtubers traveling all over. (obviously because they make money from their blogs and videos) but how do others travel cheaply and efficiently?! Soooo, how do you travel?! If you have any tips and tricks, please let me know! I’m craving for another trip soon. Where is your favorite place to go in the United States?! In the world? Let me know all that’s needed to know! Would be greatly appreciated.  When I get comments, tips, and tricks, I’ll make another post on all of the 411!! Thanks for reading and thanks for your help!!!



  1. Grandmother
    June 5, 2016 / 12:48 am

    You make me smile. I want all your dreams to come true.

  2. Lynette
    June 5, 2016 / 3:01 pm

    New York City! It is a favorite of mine!

    • Emily
      June 5, 2016 / 3:20 pm

      Definitely one of mine too

  3. Travel
    June 5, 2016 / 3:19 pm

    Paris was great.

    • Emily
      June 5, 2016 / 3:19 pm

      I looove Paris too!

  4. Lacey
    June 6, 2016 / 2:48 pm

    Where’s my favorite place in the whole world? Wow. I definitely cannot name just one. I love all of the wonderful cities and countries that I’ve been to for different reasons. I love St. Andrews in Scotland because of the people and the Fife Coast is absolutely breathtaking. I love Strasbourg and Colmar in the Alsace region of France because when I walk down the streets there I feel like I’ve been transported back to a completely different time period. There’s so much rich food and culture awaiting to be discovered in the narrow alleyways. Germany has a strong place in my heart as a main influence on the person I am today. Prague is historically important to me because of their rich Jewish history and I, as a Jew, feel a strong tie to that city. Croatia has some of the nicest people I have ever met and while they may not be rich in wealth, they are wealthy in kindness, hospitality, and character. I could go on and on until I’ve written thousands of pages, but I think you get the idea.

    It’s a lot easier to travel cheaply in Europe or elsewhere because of how close cities and countries are to one another. Just think about how cheap it is to hop in your car and drive to Washington D.C. from North Carolina. Under $100 round trip with gas alone because it’s only 6 hours away. Well that’s the same way it is in Europe. From Berlin you can travel eastward one hour and end up in Poland for maybe 20 Euro roundtrip. It all depends on proximity. Unfortunately for us Yanks, traveling across the Atlantic is a bit of a trek so that’s why it’s so expensive. I do however have a few tips to score a trip cheaply. If you’re flying from Raleigh don’t fly directly into the city you want to go to instead fly to London. There is a direct, nonstop service from Raleigh to London. Then once you get into London transfer to a cheap, no frills airline such as Ryan Air, Easy Jet, Wiz Air, etc. Through Ryan Air you can fly from London to Cologne, Germany for $18.49 one way!!! Doing it this way allows you to not only spend a day or so in London, but also to save some money! Of course flights are going to be cheaper from bigger airports such as JFK, La Guardia, Miami, Atlanta, etc. When I moved back from Germany I flew with Norwegian Air from Berlin to JFK and then bought a completely separate ticket from JFK to North Carolina. I had to overnight in the airport though, which sucked but I saved over $500.

    One of my hobbies is planning trips and looking at prices, etc. So when I’m looking at booking or planning a trip I always start a few months before I’m even prepared to put out any money. Doing it this way allows me to get a general feel for the prices and let’s me gauge around how much I’m going to spend. If a destination looks particularly expensive for the time that I want to go, I either look for a cheaper time to visit or I change my plans. I guess my best advice would be to have flexibility. Beach destinations are of course going to be more expensive during the warmer months because it’s their peak season. So I might plan my trip at the beginning or towards the end when I know it’s going to be cheaper.

    • Emily
      June 6, 2016 / 4:01 pm

      Wow! Thank you. That was extremely informative. Looks like I’ll need to add those places on my “go-to” list as well. This was awesome. Thank you Lacey for commenting this! Great read!♥️

  5. Steve
    June 18, 2016 / 10:52 pm

    I camped in a tent and cooked on a camp stove while traveling around the USA. That was cheap! about $10/day.

    Mexico had very cheap hotels if you stay away from the tourist destinations (about $100/week).

    Europe has youth hostels and you can buy an unlimited ride ticket for the train system so you can get around pretty easy (http://www.eurail.com/eurail-passes/global-pass). Cheap flights to Europe are available if you shop around and are flexible with your travel dates. Examples: http://www.hopper.com/articles/2310/10-cheapest-flights-from-the-united-states-to-europe.

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