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*some of NC’s universities. I swear, university buildings are sooooo lovely.*

As my college year comes to a closing, there are so many thing’s I’ve learned this year. As I write this post on the twin sized bed in my empty, once again, jail cell looking room, I’m reminiscing on my past year as a college student. I am writing this so I can realize how I’ve grown from the year before. For people going into college with extremely high expectations that your life is magically change and you’ll finally get your start on life… well, if it happens, you’re ahead of a lot of us.  Going into college, I knew exactly what I wanted to do and felt bad for others who struggled and was questioning their calling. I realized, I didn’t want to do what I thought I wanted to do. As I love graphics and working with designs, I learned that graphic design was not for me.  All I can say is go into college open minded.  Things change. You change. But it’s not a bad change. You grow up from the person you were before. If you want to go to college, do it. It’s a great learning experience. Shooot, I’ve learned that fried chicken Wednesday are the best days of the week, (along with Thursday of course, since I never had a Friday class this year haha three day weekends are awesome!!)  I just beg of you, go into school open minded! You learn a lot, I sure did. This is what i’ve learned here at school. (the list can literally go on forever.)

  1. you learn how to work in groups.
  2. you learn how not to work in groups.
  3. you learn how to get ready for class in record time.
  4. you learn how to speed walk to class in record time.
  5. you learn how to breathe quietly, as those flights of stairs getting to your class was killer. literally.
  6. you learn how many people stay up all night.
  7. you learn how delay a ten page paper until the night of, and ace it. (not sure how but it worked.)
  8. you learn that not everyone knows how to do laundry.
  9. you learn how expensive grocery shopping is.
  10. you learn how to stop taking sunny days for granted.
  11. you learn to ALWAYS bring your umbrella.
  12. you learn to wear your most comfortable pairs of shoes. always.
  13. you learn that homemade meals are the BEST meals.
  14. you learn just how big your dreams are.
  15. you learn how to carry around, what seems like, a 200 pound book bag.
  16. you learn that other people are in the library almost as late as you.
  17. you learn how awesome water is.
  18. you learn how great it is to be healthy.
  19. you learn how awful it is to be sick.
  20. you learn how there are people who are complete opposite of you.
  21. you learn that there are people who are extremely similar to you.
  22. you learn how to survive without sleep.
  23. you learn how to sleep on your forehead. on a book. at a desk. sitting up. with the lights on.
  24. you learn that making friends is so important.
  25. you learn that college is just a huge learning experience in itself.

To people going to university life, may you find lovely friends to surround yourself with and may you have food almost as good as fried chicken Wednesdays. To people not in school, may you get a promotion in your job and may you make food almost as good as fried chicken Wednesdays. Really, I love me some southern cookin’!!  As great as college is, I cannot wait to sleep in my bed and snuggle up to my doggie! Thanks for reading!


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