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As women, we are suppose to help each other as much as possible and not beat up on one another.  Being a girl is hard enough! No need for caddy or rude people. This being said, having little tricks and tips to help living as a girl easier, I am definitely all for it! here’s a list I’ve compiled of simple yet effective beauty hacks!

  1. Deodorant stains? Use baby wipes  –  the most frustrating thing is having white deodorant get on your black shirt.  especially not knowing how to get rid of it… I’ve found that using baby wipes are such a good way of getting rid of the stain.  And if you don’t want to smell like baby wipes, fabric softener sheets work just as well.
  2. Smelly feet? Use dryer sheets  –  Guilty. Working out at the gym can actually come with a con.  When you wear your tennis shoes while sweating can be soooo gross.  Placing a dryer sheet in your shoes after wearing them can make them smell much better.
  3. Static hair? Use dryer sheets  –  (no, i’m not sponsored by dryer sheets haha, they just work miracles.) Some days I just wake up with static in my hair, dryer sheets instantly take it away.
  4. Dirty Hair?  Baby powder  –  If you don’t have time to wash your hair (college life) and don’t have dry shampoo, baby powder works really well. Also makes your hair look blonder. If you don’t have either, a hat works wonders haha
  5. Zit? Use Hydrogen Peroxide  –  Hydrogen Peroxide is also a miracle.  If I have a bump that is so annoying, I usually put hydrogen peroxide on it. It will dry it out and goes away faster. *make sure you don’t put it on all of the time. it’s caused me to have dryer skin*
  6. Want whiter teeth? Use Hydrogen Peroxide  –  When I run out of teeth whitener, I just use a q-tip with some peroxide on it and rub it over my teeth when needed. *be careful not to do this all the time. I’m no dentist but enamel decay could happen if any teeth whitener tricks or products are used. just be smart about it!*
  7. Dirty Makeup Brushes?  –  An inexpensive makeup brush cleaner is using baby shampoo! It is so easy to get the makeup off and not harmful to your skin or brush.
  8. Perfect Cat Eye? Tape it  –  Making the perfect cat eye and wing is sooooo easy when using scotch tape. Just apply scotch tape to the back of your hand (to make the tape not as sticky so peeling it off doesn’t tear at your eyes) and then place on your eye.  Place your eye shadow like you would normally and even do a wing eyeliner and when you’re done, carefully take off the tape.  This will give you a sharp and perfect line for the cateye affect.
  9. Rusty Razor?  Use Olive Oil  –  Having nice razors is a luxury. The hassle is when it begins to look rusty. To rid this, after using it, get a q-tip and put a little bit of Olive Oil on it and rub it over the blades. Good as new!
  10. Perfect Contour?  Use a makeup brush  –  If you don’t have predominate hollow cheeks for contouring, easily achieve the look by placing an eye shadow brush where you want your contour.  It’s soo easy to follow the line and makes contouring much easier.

I hope these tricks are somewhat useful if these are a struggle! If you try them, let me know how they worked for you and if you have any tricks that I haven’t listed, do tell!!  I promise I won’t keep making lists all of the time. I’ll be able to take pictures after school to make the posts more easy on the eyes!  Thanks for reading!!


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