Long Distance Friendship

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Distance means so little when friendship means so much.  Being away from close friends is hard, especially when they’re 700 miles apart.  With that being said, I still would not trade this friendship I have with one of my best friends for the world!  Caroline and I first met at camp the summer of freshman year of high school. (yes, that long ago.) We always kept in contact but never found the time to visit one another.  A little over a year ago, I went to visit her in Florida! It was such an awesome experience to see my best friend after such a long time. Those facetime calls turned into being reunited again! As we changed from many years before, we were still the same.  She was still the quirky Caroline that I knew from all those years before.  As I left Florida, I wasn’t sure when we would see each other again.  UNTIL this week, she told me that she’s coming to North Carolina for a visit! sooooo exciting to be united with her again! Being away from people you’re close with is hard. But luckily, technology is amazing and can connect with each other as often as one allows.  (prepare yourself, this is about to get cheesy…) one day away from them is another day until you see them again. So, to those who’s best friend is across the country, you’re one day closer to seeing them again. Besides, true friendship cannot be destroyed by distance.  Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!!


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