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If you’re anything like me, being indecisive and having “date-night idea” block is a major struggle.  I usually have to sit in a parking lot on my phone looking up ideas on what to do on a date.  Well, after gathering a list of date ideas, I’ve decided to help others with the same problem as me.  Here’s a list of 20 of my fun, exciting and relaxing date ideas.

  1.  Go for a hike  –  Usually, I walk a trail near a lake or in the woods with noticeable trail pathways. (I’m not trying to become the next victim in a horror movie.)
  2. Make dinner together  –  This is probably my favorite idea off this list because who can go wrong with cooking (besides the obvious) and if you mess up, it’s something to laugh about!!
  3. Go fishing  –  I guess my southern girl is coming out… I’ve never been fishing until a few weeks ago. I might say, it’s a pretty fun date idea.  Especially if you have a ‘contest’ on how many fish you can catch!
  4. Stargaze  –  Another fun, cheap, and cheesy date idea. Watching the stars on a nice summer night is one of the best ways to spend an evening. especially when the sun begins to set. sooooo romantic!
  5. Go for a drive  –  Have you ever just drove around for fun? No place to be, just you and your significant other. It sounds pretty lame but it’s nice listening to music and just talking!
  6. Have a board game night  –  this one could be harder with only two people, but find a board game that can play with 2+ people. You may think you’re an ‘oldie’ doing it… but the competitive sides will show which is really fun. I lost twice in ‘Clue’, yet I still won’t admit it 😉 (yes, we played Clue with 2 people. don’t ask…)
  7. Go to the zoo  –  Depending where you live, the zoo can be free or really expensive.  I know that the zoo in Washington D.C. is free, that’s why it made the list. But the nearest zoo to me is extremely expensive. (so if you live in D.C., you’re set with a fun and free, date! along with other free museums in DC, i know there’s a lot!)
  8. Go to the driving range  –  lol at me trying to play golf. I swear, I was doing better with swinging like happy Gilmore than when I was actually trying. But for your guys (or girls) that know how to golf, super cute how they show you how to swing correctly!
  9. Spend a day at the beach  –  Once again, this depends on where you live.  Luckily living near the East Coast has it’s perks as the nearest beach is only an hour away! If you don’t have a beach close to you, or don’t want to make that drive, the nearest lake is really fun too!)
  10. Have a photo shoot with a self timer  –  This is really fun to me! I usually set up my phone in an area and set the timer and jump around until I get a cute shot! It’s hilarious what kind of shots you get!
  11. Visit a museum  –  Like #7, depends if the museum is free or cheap… learning is fun. knowledge is power!
  12. Dance  –  I’m a HUGE advocate for dancing! Bored? Turn on some music and dance. So much fun!!!
  13. Go window shopping  –  you can look ….. but you can’t touch 😉
  14. Play on the playground  –  it’s always fun to relive childhood. swinging and sliding is the best!
  15. Whip cream fight  –  Messy, but really fun!
  16. Concerts  –  AH! One of my favorite things to do, especially in the summer time!! Such a fun date night!
  17. Picnic  –  cheesy. but a classic date idea. and food is always a good idea.
  18. Movie night  –  Once again, this is one of those ideas that everyone has but it’s nice to catch up on netflix movies when you’re busy all week with school and work!  Currently obsessing over The Princess Bride!!! Classic!
  19. Explore new towns  –  When I get bored with nothing to do, I like visiting new places I haven’t been to often.  I usually drive 30 minutes to an hour to get to the new place then see what they have to offer! It’s fun to get a little lost. (safely of course)
  20. Make lists together  –  setting goals, bucket lists, etc., is really fun for those people who love lists. (I’m one of those…)

Here are my 20 fun date ideas!! I haven’t completed all of them yet but am excited to do so! these are just what i’ve come up with.  Pretty straight forward but i’ve found that they’re fun & entertaining. I hope these are of slight help!! Let me know what your favorite date night is!? Thanks for reading!!!



  1. lynette
    April 27, 2016 / 5:42 pm

    well i love this list and will be referencing back to it for sure!

    • Emily
      April 27, 2016 / 5:48 pm

      Awe! So glad you like it!

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