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Murphy's LawCop

Ahh!! Cops. Police Officer. Patrolmen (or woman). Whatever you want to call them, they’re always there and are suppose to enforce rules and regulations that need to be followed.  With that being said, after these years of driving all around, I finally (ha) got pulled over.  I’ve always wandered when my day will come.  You see people all the time pulled over on the side of the road but never realize when it’s your turn. Friday was my not so lucky day.  I dropped off my roommate at her hair appointment Friday and headed off to Target to get a bathing suit (and other items that wasn’t on my list but who can go into Target and get only one thing…) for my life guarding class at 6. I was running a few minutes late because I just had to shop all around Target. Guilty. But I forgot my towel for my class, I had to head back home. While on the way back, I stopped at the (what seemed like) the longest light EVER. I was patient (surprisingly) and waited for the left arrow to turn green.  Finally it turned green so I drove through. Now, getting to the cop… I come up to a cross walk and see cars in the other lane stop, I slowed down, wondering what was going on but didn’t think too much of it so I looked both ways to see if any one was walking (no one was in the middle of walking across the street, but someone was walking up to it) then drove through.  Well, the cop didn’t like how I drove through without stopping at the cross walk… So all I hear behind me is that awful sounding “whooooop whooooop.” My initial thought was “they’re so going after someone in front of me.” I looked ahead after looking in the mirror…. no one was in front of me. “What did I do?!” After 4 times of him buzzing his siren at me, I finally pulled over. (I knew that there was a parking lot up ahead so I pulled in the parking lot instead of pulling on the right side of the road. Again, first time getting pulled so I didn’t know what to do.)  The man comes up to me and explains to me that I did not stop at the mandatory stop cross walk. I gave him licenses and registration (thank you daddy for showing me what to give the cops when I was 16. I still remembered.) Might I add, only did I shed 3 tears and this was when the officer went back to his car. When he came back I was like “Come on Emily!!!! Get yourself together!!” THANKFULLY, I only had a verbal warning, told him it won’t happen again, and drove home.  Looked at the time and I was going to be soooo late for my life guarding class. I called the instructor explaining minor details of what happened and said that I will be there as soon as I can.  While on the way to the class, it began to pour. And when I say pour, I really mean pour! I could hardly see the roads! I assumed that God just didn’t want me at the class. Long story short, I also went to the wrong address. Drove an extra 11 minutes to get to my destination. Then FINALLY arrived. 30 minutes late but still rude to show up late in my opinion.  At the end of the class, the instructor told (all four of us) not to be late tomorrow. Ha! Sorry!!!

Has anyone heard of stopping at a mandatory cross walk?! I’ve passed through that area multiple times without any issues & don’t recall learning about it in drivers ed. (that was years ago but still!!)  friday just wasn’t my day! Anyways!! I hope everyone’s Friday was better than mine! 😉 It was a series of unfortunate events.  That being said, it takes bad days to appreciate the good ones! All is well over here and today is a new day! Sorry for such a long post!  I hope everyone has a great week & thanks for reading!!

please note: I am not bashing police officers in anyway. Law is good. 

Update:  I drove through it again. it had a yield on the sign.  No one was currently crossing yet they were walking up to it.


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