Black Trench Coat HERE  //  Black Pants J Crew  //  Shoes Cole Haan

Ahh, Paris in the rain is just as magical as Paris in the sun. When we arrived, the weather app said it would be rainy the entire week. Initially, I would be extremely bummed if this was anywhere else… but Paris in the rain is fun… and cold… but there’s just something about walking the streets in the rain. Now, if it was pouring rain, that’s not too fun, but a little drizzle and an umbrella (that doesn’t open up from the bottom and ruin the umbrella, you know what I’m talking about?!) now that’s when it’s nice. So I’m sure many of you know the Lock of Love bridge… so, of course I had to go visit it. A few years ago, I had read that they took the locks off the bridge due to it falling, and I didn’t believe it. To come to find out, it was real, the locks were gone, and I was sad about it. I walked around the bridge looking at the plexiglass where the locks had gone and people wrote their names on the glass. On park benches, people had placed their locks on the very bottom where the bench legs were touching the bridge; clever. I didn’t want to do that so I kept walking and said there will be another bridge somewhere that I can place it on. But this was the actual bridge. So, I found a spot, which was a bike lock wrapped around the light post, put the lock which mine and Kyle’s name on it (duh haha) and threw the key in the water. So, we leave the bridge…. and less than a mile away, there was a bridge… with locks… everywhere! It was fascinating! Although, a little bummed that I couldn’t put my lock where all of the other locks are, I was like, well, that lock is on the original! Pep talks right? Haha, anyways, Paris was completely quiet in the rain which was weird to see. Only the super tourist areas were busy, but even then, there wasn’t as many people as you would think. 

Many people are messaging me and saying that they want to go, and I recommend Paris 1000%, especially in March. It’s not super crowded and you get to dance in the rain! 

Thanks for reading & I still have more to post about Paris, so stay tuned!! Xo

Meet Rachel!! She’s the beautiful hair model today! She’s a braid lover like me and so since my hair isn’t long enough for braids anymore… (maybe one day I’ll get extensions specifically for braids… lol) she’s showing you how to do this beautiful fishtail braid — how gorgeous is her hair?! I love this style because you can so easily dress it up or dress it down! She’s so nice for doing this collaboration with me and so fun to work with!! Be sure to check out her social medias!

Rachel’s Blog HERE!

Rachel’s Pinterest HERE!

Rachel’s Instagram HERE!

Here are the steps on how to get her same fun fishtail braid!

1:  Make a dramatic/ deep side part

2: Take a section of hair from one side of your head. It can be as big or small as you want it to be!

3: Separate the section into two getting ready to start your fishtail braid

4:  Start your fish tale braid

5:  About a fourth way down your braid stop and start adding an extra strand of hair each time you braid. (Note: This is not a Dutch fishtail so braid over rather than under!)

6: Keep adding hair until you are about half way down the braid.

7. When you are half way down your braid stop adding hair and finish the fishtail braid.

8. Pull apart your braid (I say you can never pull apart too much, the more the merrier!)

9. Now this part is a little tricky so if it takes you a few tries to figure it out don’t worry you aren’t the only one! Okay, so separate the bottom part of your braid (the part that’s tied off on the end) into two. Then take one of the two strands and make a knot around the other strand. Be sure to make the knot high so it’s around your elastic!

10. The knot usually stays by its self but if you want it to be extra secure you can tie an elastic underneath the knot! I usually always do this just to be safe!

11. And voila! You now have a fun little twist to a new fishtail braid!


These pictures are from a day that was sunny ALL day! We saw no rain this day!!  It was so nice, especially that view of the Eiffel Tower. This is the view that I can never get tired of looking at.  If I ever lived in Paris, I would want to be able to see the Eiffel Tower from my bedroom window. But then again, you may get use to seeing it all of the time and it would loose it’s specialty. Every time I looked at the tower, I had to pinch myself because I was really in Paris. I obviously knew that I was, but seeing the iconic tower just was the icing on the trip. When I walked away from the Eiffel tower, I had to keep turning back to make sure it was still there. Seriously. I’m so weird haha. It was so pretty this day and ended up getting pretty warm that I had to take off my coat! Speaking of this coat, I am literally obsessed with it!!! It’s the perfect coat for when it’s chilly outside and it’s not super heavy and feels fancy! Even though it was like 40 euros and on sale! I got it from Zara and I swear that’s my favorite store. I had to walk into like 4 of them when I was there. I can’t help it, their stuff is just so cute! When I saw the coat, I immediately tried it on and then like 7 other people came running to try it on too. I had to act fast. So I got it! It’s my new favorite coat!!

Anyways!!! This day was one of the best days, despite getting sick!!! It’s seriously the worst when you get sick when traveling. Like of all times to get sick… it’s when you’re abroad. (stupid immune system that practically doesn’t exist) Regardless of sickness and such, it was such a beautiful day! I even got to see a proposal. It was super quaint and intimate, I’m pretty sure I was the only one who actually saw the tears and them taking pictures of the ring with the Eiffel Tower near by. It was the cutest. I snapped some pictures of them because it was so so cute. hashtag goals. lol, anyways! Thanks so much for reading and stay tuned for even more pictures! xox